Aquaya’s consulting services are informed by our research and development programs.

Our current engagements are focused on two broad activities: 1) applying strategic ICT (information and communication technology) tools for data collection and analysis; and 2) providing business development and financing support for local entrepreneurs.

ICT for Data Management

Aquaya advises on data management tools that support performance monitoring, survey efforts, and evaluations. Where existing open source software tools are appropriate, we optimize and configure these tools to support our clients’ needs. In addition, Aquaya builds tools in-house when we identify software gaps.

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Software Solutions for Data Management

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Mobile Phones for Measuring Sustainability

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Business Development and Financing

Unleashing the full potential of local, independent entrepreneurship in the WaSH sector often requires business management support and access to business financing. Aquaya collaborates with development partners to ensure that these services reach promising entrepreneurs.

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