Improving health through clean water innovation

Why Clean Water?

Waterborne diseases are a leading cause of child death and disease in lower-income countries. Poor access to safe water and sanitation facilities are primary causes of social and economic hardship. The environmental, political and financial factors that limit safe water and sanitation access are diverse and complicated—demanding the utmost creativity and innovation in policy making, technology and programmatic solutions.

About Aquaya

A global expert in applied research and development, Aquaya is one of the only organizations in the water sector that combines proven innovations in science and technology with on-the-ground programs. This hybrid approach allows Aquaya to develop, evaluate and implement equitable and sustainable improvements in water and sanitation. As part of this approach, Aquaya actively partners with local entrepreneurs and governmental. This not only ensures that projects remain in flight but also promotes sustainability long after project completion.

Since its founding in 2005, Aquaya has completed successful projects in more than 15 countries with partners that include private foundations, UN agencies, international NGOs, development finance groups, government agencies, and the private sector.

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