Aquaya’s Executive Director, Ranjiv Khush, was quoted this week in a New York Times article about bottled water consumption in Mexico City. Drawing on Aquaya’s research for Aquaya’s Water Business Kits program, Ranjiv notes that small scale water treatment and vending¬† entrepreneurs have independently emerged in countries like Mexico, the Philippines and Indonesia in response to a demand for clean drinking water. Unlike traditional bottled water companies, these entrepreneurs generally sell 20 L jugs and provide refill services. Competition has significantly driven down prices as the industry has expanded.

In a follow up to the New York Times story, Ranjiv also participated in a panel discussion on bottled water on Patt Morrison’s magazine show on Southern California Public Radio (KPCC). You can download the podcast via the KPCC website or iTunes (the discussion begins at minute 47:25 of the July 18, 2012 show ).

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