AquayaLEARN Recruits 2017 Fellows

Mr. Buliva Amugune and Ms. Joan Kones are the latest Research Fellows participating in the AquayaLEARN (Leading an Empowered African Research Network) program. AquayaLEARN enables top African graduate students to participate in cutting edge science that strengthens local evidence-based decision-making capacity. AquayaLEARN fellows benefit from a unique opportunity to learn from and collaborate with leading researchers dedicated to safe drinking water and better sanitation in Africa.  After a competitive recruiting process with over 35 qualified candidates, Mr. Amugune and Ms. Kones were selected based on their background, skills, and performance potential.

“Buliva and Joan have shown intense interest in the AquayaLEARN fellowship program,” shares Joyce Kisiangani, Research Associate at Aquaya and 2014 AquayaLEARN fellow. “They have thrown themselves into the program and are always willing to take risks in terms of seizing learning opportunities to gain new skills in WASH research.”

The 2017 fellows are focusing on efficiency improvements at water utilities in collaboration with the Kenyan Water Service Regulatory Board (WASREB). Ms. Kones’ research focus is to develop and conduct audits for measuring piped water leaks. She will collaborate with local utilities to develop leak management strategies. Mr. Amugune is studying cloud-based control systems for water utilities, which remotely manage and report water flows and treatment processes. He will evaluate options for integrating these new technologies into existing management procedures.

“I am impressed by how quickly Joan and Buliva have immersed themselves in fields that were completely new to them. Both public health scientists by training, they are currently working on ways to bring innovation to the Kenyan water utility sector,” said Caroline Delaire, Research Program Manager at Aquaya. “It is truly a privilege to work with such passionate young professionals driven by their desire for impact.”

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