AquayaLEARN: Leading an Empowered African Research Network

Sub-Saharan Africa
Newman’s Own Foundation, Sall Family Foundation, Sikora Family Foundation, individual donors 2014 - present


AquayaLEARN was launched in 2014 to inspire African students to tackle the water and sanitation challenges facing their continent. The project addresses the need for safe, sustainable, and equitable water and sanitation in Africa by strengthening local research and data based decision-making capacity to directly address this need.

Through a combination of seminars and hands-on field experience, AquayaLEARN provides African students and young professionals with the opportunity to collaborate with leading researchers dedicated to safe drinking water and improved sanitation in the developing world.

In the words of 2014 AquayaLEARN fellow Joyce Kisiangani, “a three month [fellowship] with Aquaya will transform the way you think and the way you view water and sanitation issues in Sub-Saharan Africa.”


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