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International Finance Corporation (IFC); Mulago Foundation
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In Southeast Asia and Latin America, small independent water treatment and vending businesses are serving vulnerable populations with safe drinking water. Aquaya is exploring the potential of these business models to serve low-income populations in new markets. Partnering with local entrepreneurs, Aquaya established demonstration water treatment and vending businesses in Kenya between 2010 – 2011. Since then, we have been collecting sales and financial data from these businesses and identifying the factors that lead to business success.

The Water Business Kit: Kenya is a direct product of Aquaya’s research in Southeast Asia and our collaboration with demonstration businesses in Kenya. The kit is designed to provide Kenyan entrepreneurs with a step-by-step guide to opening and operating their own water treatment and vending shop. These water refill businesses employ state-of-the-art water treatment technologies to purify drinking water on site for sale to consumers at low prices.

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