Aquaya has experience in technical and programmatic consulting for data management projects.  If you’d like to get in touch to talk about our approach or discuss your work, please email Matt Ball — .

Mobile phones are a powerful tool for transmitting information cheaply, quickly and accurately across long distances. Aquaya works with local water sector institutions to leverage the power of mobile phones to address information related water sector challenges.

In most countries, both public health agencies and water providers are responsible for monitoring the status and quality of drinking water supplies. However, if this data is collected it often sits in logbooks and is not aggregated, analyzed or reported upwards. Even where data reporting is well established, traditional paper based methods can be slow and time consuming. In addition to supporting data capture, we believe mobile phone based reporting can support institutional linkages between decentralized service providers and oversight institutions, and between field staff and their managers. These linkages are critical for improving water supply sustainability, especially in small towns and rural areas.

Aquaya can also build data collection and management tools to support survey efforts and project Monitoring and Evaluation.

Where existing open source software tools are appropriate, we optimize and configure these tools to support our clients’ needs. In addition, Aquaya builds tools in-house when we identify software gaps. This year Aquaya developed Pipeline, an open source software tool that manages and analyzes data from multiple sources.  Our partners use Pipeline to view live project data, configure alerts and to create scheduled reports for managers.  We have also built IVRHub, a system for quickly creating mobile data collection services in any language and with no need for special apps or hardware.


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Aquaya has studied and optimized water quality testing strategies in low-resource settings for over 10 years. We are happy to provide insights to help your organization develop or improve a monitoring program. Please reach out by contacting us.

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